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India’s leading tech-enabled head and neck cancer rehabilitation.

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Face injury doesn’t have to mean a life sentence. We offer comprehensive head and neck maxillofacial rehabilitation in order to restore lives, and liberties of those people who have had the trauma of losing facial parts necessitated by medical intervention either due to head & neck cancer or as a result of an accident.

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Maxillofacial prosthodontics

Maxillofacial Prosthodontics is concerned with the rehabilitation of patients with congenital or acquired defects in the mouth or face. Congenital defects usually relate to cleft lip and palate. Acquired defects usually are due to cancer of the mouth or face and due to neurological defects such as stroke.

Teeth and nearby tissue

Dental prosthesis devices replace or repair missing or damaged teeth. They can do much more than improve your smile.


Ocular prosthesis is an artificial eye, which is implanted in patients who have lost their eye due to various causes such as trauma, surgery or cancer.


A silicone prosthetic ear is a reconstructive option for patients born with microtia and other birth differences such as Treacher Collins or Goldenhar.


A prosthetic nose artificially recreates all or part of the nose which has been removed as a result of cancer surgery, trauma or burns.

Our centre provides services in both surgical and prosthodontic dentistry.

We are also offer Immediate surgical obturators, surgical splints, Interim and definitive obturators, mandibular resection prosthesis and other customized prostheses, can be fabricated to prosthetically reconstruct the various Maxillofacial defects.

Oral Maxillofacial Prosthodontics

Oral Maxillofacial prosthodontics is an extremely critical aspect of dentistry and requires highly skilled and experienced dentist. At Enhance, you will have some of the best dentists taking care of you. Contact us with your specific questions.

Training Provider in Maxillofacial Prosthetics

We at Enhance endeavour to incorporate more formal Head and Neck maxillofacial rehabilitation training in collaboration with known specialist agencies interested in supporting us, through extending their support by sharing knowledge and forging new prospects for the society.

Get a life-like prostheses from anywhere in the world.

Patients need not always travel; their digital data can. No matter where patients are in the world, care is now a click away.

Cancer doesn’t stop, neither do we.
Diagnosis and supportive treatment plan delivered under one roof.

Millions of patients across the globe face challenges with difficulty in swallowing, speaking and chewing due to birth defects, cancer surgery or accidents. Their mental health is affected due to distortion of the face.At ENHANCE cancer treatment centre in Pune, people can regain their confidence and appearance through the use of prosthetics.Such patients would be benefited by either an artificial ear, artificial eye ,artificial jaw or nose.These are Assistive Technologies that can enhance their quality of life.
Labeled as one of the finest cancer treatment centers in Pune, ENHANCE is striving to give the best quality facial reconstruction to those who have lost their looks and normal functions to cancer. As a well equipped rehabilitation centre, only the best of technology is used at ENHANCE.
At this cancer treatment centre in Pune, you will not just receive treatment, you will receive care.

Dr. B Srinivasan


We treat patients from all over the world.

Maxillofacial reconstruction has a need everywhere be it within India or outside. India on that count has an edge over other countries given that we have the best of western medical attention at prices which represent a not-so-developed country!

Enhance, in a sense is a true representation of India in this respect! With our prowess at Maxillofacial reconstruction and proven affiliations worldwide, we have the required wherewithal to provide the most optimal care to the affected coming from anywhere in the world.

Reduce Time

Our experience and expertise lies in fast tracking care and ensuring you are back on time at the earliest.

Increase Accuracy

Patient centric solutions are a result of innovation with a vision to scale up impact.


Care made affordable enough to ensure access to those who need it most.

“I got Covid in April 2021 and during treatment I got infected with Mucormycosis. I underwent surgery at Cooper Hospital, Mumbai and my left eye, upper jaw got removed and made big hole between mouth and nose area. I was unable to speak clearly and unable to eat and drink. Everything will spill out from nose. I got reference of Dr. Srinivasan from Pune. He implemented obturator for me and now I am able to speak and eat properly. It’s a great experience with clinical team and Dr. Srinivasan explained me each step and done a wonderful job. Thanks to everyone for the best support.”

Mr Deepak Ayare

Mr Deepak Ayare

Research & Education at Enhance

Enhance is a multidisciplinary centre dedicated to the evaluation of the functional recovery of patients treated for head and neck cancer, trauma, and craniofacial defects. The Centre’s mission is to improve the quality of life and function of patients afflicted with head and neck cancer, trauma, or craniofacial defects through discovery, application, clinical efficacy, and outcomes research. The Centre structure bridges basic scientists with clinical scientists to facilitate the development of innovative technologies in the focus areas of oral function assessment, 3D imaging, biomechanics, tissue surface interfaces, tissue engineering, and gene therapy.

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Do I Need Rehab? – Key Questions:

Yes, at Enhance Head and Neck Rehabilitation Center, we specialize in providing solutions for patients who have missing parts or whole sections of their jaw, eye, ear, or nose. Our team of experts can offer customized maxillofacial prosthetics to restore both function and aesthetics.

If you are experiencing difficulties in regaining normal movement in your jaw, we can help. Our rehabilitation center offers specialized therapies and treatments aimed at improving jaw function. Our team will assess your condition and develop a personalized plan to enhance jaw mobility and restore optimal functionality.

If you are facing challenges with swallowing, chewing, or speech, our speech and language pathology services can provide assistance. Our skilled therapists will evaluate your condition and work with you to improve these functions through targeted therapy and exercises.

If you frequently experience the sensation of food getting stuck, it could be indicative of a swallowing disorder. Our team of professionals can evaluate your swallowing function and recommend appropriate therapies and techniques to alleviate this problem.

Experiencing extreme dryness of the mouth, also known as xerostomia, can be uncomfortable and affect oral health. At Enhance Head and Neck Rehabilitation Center, we can address this issue through various approaches, including specialized oral care regimens, artificial saliva substitutes, and other strategies to alleviate dry mouth symptoms.

If you are experiencing reduced mouth opening, also known as trismus, our team can provide treatment options to help improve this condition. We will assess the underlying causes and develop a personalized plan that may include physical therapy, exercises, and other modalities to restore optimal mouth opening.

If you have noticed a sudden increase in tooth decay, it could be related to your medical condition or treatments you have undergone. Our general dentistry services can address dental decay and restore your oral health through treatments such as fillings, restorations, and preventive measures.

Rapid and significant weight loss can be concerning and may indicate nutritional deficiencies or other underlying issues. Our nutrition services focus on developing personalized dietary plans to address your specific needs, support healthy weight management, and optimize your overall nutritional status.

If you are experiencing general weakness or disproportionate fatigue, our team can assess your condition and provide supportive care. We understand the impact that head and neck challenges can have on overall well-being and can offer guidance and strategies to help manage fatigue and improve your energy levels.

Dealing with a head and neck condition can be challenging emotionally. At Enhance Head and Neck Rehabilitation Center, we offer emotional counseling services to help you cope with your illness. Our compassionate counselors are here to provide support, guidance, and strategies to help you navigate through this difficult time.

Cancer treatment can have a significant impact on one’s self-esteem and confidence. If you are feeling a loss of confidence to socialize, our team is here to support you. Through our comprehensive rehabilitation services, including maxillofacial prosthetics, speech therapy, and emotional counseling, we aim to enhance your quality of life and help you regain confidence in social situations.

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