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Enhance - Adding life to LIFE.

Enhance Head Neck Rehabilitation LLP shall develop a holistic approach towards helping and rehabilitating those traumatise by the loss of limbs be it necessitated by cancer treatment or due to an accident to give back to the affected, use of their prosthetic limbs to live a life of dignity and pride. In doing so, it shall solicit society’s active participation in, among other things, education in the field and patient care, and support, care and assistance.

A dignified existence is a basic human right and this, even in the face of daunting odds brought about by conditions like cancer care or accidents, is what Enhance LLP envisions to provide.

In the service of head and neck trauma rehabilitation, Enhance shall build a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach which shall include besides the act of care, the provision of relevant education to aspirants, enlightening the public on aspects of rehab, and soliciting their assistance (including those of their peer) in all the possible ways to provide better patient care to the affected.


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Enhance would include in its fold the entire gamut of services which would include Head Neck Rehabilitation where the patient has undergone trauma due to cancer-related surgery , an accident or congenital reasons. The services, among others, would include:

India is a vast country not only in terms of size but also patients’ responses, their economics status and thoughts towards rehabilitation. From Tier I to Tier III to mofussil towns and villages, there remains a huge difference in the way rehab is perceived and administered. Enhance plans to spread its scope via tele-medicines to the remotest part of India using locally available trained human resource.

Defects of the head and neck (maxillofacial) region due to trauma brought about by cancer or accident(s) may necessitate the removal/ relocation of tissues and bones leaving the patient with drastically reduced and completely impeded use of certain parts and glands. In India, there is an added condition in the form of “cleft palate” where an opening on the roof of the mouth extending all the way sometimes to a cut in the upper lip does not heal in time. It leaves an ungainly gap in the upper jaw and besides, impedes in breathing and speech. This condition calls for palatal obturator, soft palate obturators and mandibular-resection prostheses. The scope of maxillofacial prosthodontics in some cases may extend to include the construction and insertion of artificial eyes, nose and other facial prostheses fabricated in conjunction with an anaplastologist. Enhance, with its experienced manpower is in a position to address these issues, and has in fact done so in the past to the patient’s satisfaction !

Oral cancer known otherwise as mouth cancer takes place when cancerous tissues grow in the human oral cavity. Coming under the purview of head and neck cancer, it may arise due to various reasons including in no small measures, the continual use of known carcinogens like tobacco and alcohol in its various forms. Other contributory factor to the spread of oral cancer could include prevalence of poor hygiene, presence of infections caused by certain types of fungi, bacteria and viruses (like HPV16), irritation due to ill-fitting fixtures like dentures and implants, rough exteriors of teeth and nutritional deficiencies among others. In India certain eating habits like the chewing of betel/ areca nuts and “paan” using certain types of leaves and ingredients also add to the prevalence and growth of oral cancer cases. In fact, the peculiarities in India lead to Oral cancer occupying around 40% of all detected cases against just 4% in the UK! A mutation of the DNA too increases the risk in certain persons of contracting oral cancer as per confirmed studies.

Business Owners

Dr Anjali Srinivasan

Years of work in the field and the right qualifications have given Dr Srinivasan the wherewithal to present at both national and international forums on important aspects of Maxillofacial Prosthetics. He has done so with remarkable success.
It is said that behind every success story, there HAS to be a woman.

Enhance Head and Neck Rehabilitation LLP’s case is no different.

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Dr B.Srinivasan

Dr B.Srinivasan is the Chief Executive of Enhance Head Neck Rehabilitation LLP.
An alumnus of Govt. Dental College & Hospital, Mumbai, he began his career in Maxillofacial Prosthodontics at Mumbai’s Tata Memorial Hospital.
He is also a consultant in Maxillofacial Prosthodontist at the Ruby Hall Cancer Centre in Pune.

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Our nearly 20+ committed staff members are ready to help.

Our Team

As a leading college in Paris, we look to engage with our student beyond the conventional design and development school relationship, becoming a partner to the people.

Ms Priya Chaudhary


  • A master – nutritionist with close to 2 decade of work experience handling various responsibilities, Ms Priya Choudhary has practically seen it all in the field of nutrition and its guidance.
  • Starting her professional life in Nagpur in the year 2000 as a diet councillor for hospitalised and OPD patients, she has seen action as a Dietician-cum-Diabetes Educator-cum-Research Associate at a known hospital.
  • From 2008 to the present, she has been on the panel of most IT companies of repute in Pune as their Clinical Dietician and Nutritionist.

Dr Darshan Hiremutt

Oral Physician

  • Dr Darshan Hiremutt is Enhance’s Oral Physician and comes with years of work-related experience in myriad conditions.
  • He is a Bachelor in Dental Surgery from Bangalore’s famed Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.
  • Besides being the Oral Physician at Enhance, Dr Hiremutt is also associated as Assistant Professor, Consultant Oral Medicine Specialist and Maxillofacial Radiologist at Bharati Vidyapeeth University in Pune
  • His presence in the team at Enhance brings with it, great insights and knowledge for which the latter remains ever obliged.

Dr Ashwith B Hegde


  • Enhance is honoured to have Dr Ashwith B Hegde, MDS ass their Orthodontist.
  • A BDS Alumni of the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Mangalore, India and MDS alumni of the AB Shetty Memorial Institute Of Dental Sciences, Manglore, India, Dr Hegde has a decade+ experience in Orthodontistry for children and adults. Known to keep himself abreast with the latest in his field through a variety of means including attending important conference every year, he brings to Enhance his knowledge, experience and thoughts which are of great significance.

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